New order notifications

We recently built a Chrome browser extension that notifies users when new orders arrive and prompts them to refresh, plus provides more in-depth information on shipped orders without all of those pesky clicks. Proud of this one, think it can save people time.

For another project in the works, we need to add a feature to create a product bundle, but don’t see anything outlined in the API docs. Tried searching here for any info, but are there plans to release this endpoint?

Hey @starren,
You can create a bundle by making a POST request to the /kits endpoint. Your request body should contain a product variant to convert and the contents of the bundle, like so:

   'product_variant_id': 123,
   'contents': [
     { 'product_variant_id': 4999, 'quantity': 5 },
     { 'product_variant_id': 5000, 'quantity': 1 },
     { 'product_variant_id': 5001, 'quantity': 3 },

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