Creating new products with variations and options


I am integrating Ecwid with Veeqo and I need some guidance.

My task is to create a new order in Veeqo and send back the tracking number back to my system (Ecwid).

I see that I have to create all sorts of entities in Veeqo first, like customers and products. Then, I’ll use them when creating an order and then I’ll generate a shipment.

So, in regards to products – how do I create a product with options and variations?

I see how to do that in the web UI, but there is no info on that in the API Docs: Veeqo API · Apiary


Hi @rick.
With regards to creating a product with variations and options, this is outlined in the API docs under “Create a New Product

The fields you need to create multiple product variants are specified in the below example:

Hope this helps!