Create kit / bundle using the API

Hello there, is it possible to create kit / bundle using the API?
A kit will have its own SKU and contain multiple products.
Thank you.

Hi Catherine,

Unfortunately kits can’t be created from the API at the moment but I’ve created a request with our product team to look at adding this in the future.

To support this request it really helps if we know the use case for adding this functionality, why would you like to create kits using the API?

We are using Veeqo as the inventory / shipping management tool. However, we still use the website to create / manage the products, which will be synced to Veeqo using the API.

Is there an way for creating kits/bundle using the api? We have thousands of kits, So creating manually will be time consuming process, So we need some way to do by way. How can we do that?

This is something we have been asking for since we joined in 2020.

A new Kit Development tool is in development for launch Q4 2021, hopefully this will include a CSV upload to create Kits for products & variations.

Any news on this feature?

This is exactly what we need due to the volume of our kids/bundles.

Hello @tomklein and @allaboutthebump

Currently this feature request has been added to the Development team, however we currently have no ETA on this matter.

For the time being its possible to create a “sellable” and from the UI convert it to Kit/Bundle.

Apologies for the time it has been taken.

Please let me know if there is further inquiries.


Thank you! We have 2,000+ kits/bundles so it’s not practical for us to create them through the UI.

Is there a way to export bundles from Veeqo?