A few questions about Kits

Allow me to provide some context before posing my questions.

I’m a software developer building a series of custom tools for a client on top of your platform.

My client has a premium account, but I setup a separate Veeqo account (14 day trial) to serve as a test environment for the application(s) I’m building.

A core feature of these applications is Kit management. Currently the API does not support Kits, but I can work around that by using a headless browser (Puppeteer).

However, trial accounts do not seem to support Kits. My client reached out to Veeqo with an inquiry and he was told that Kits are supported under trial accounts but in practice that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I am able to access the ‘Make Kit’ button from the premium account using these instructions (Create A Kit/Bundle | Veeqo Help Center). But trial accounts have a different UI with no ‘Make Kit’ button in sight.

So my questions are as follows:

  • Are Kits exclusive to premium accounts?
  • If Kits are not a premium service, how does one create them from a trial account?

Any clarification provided would be appreciated.