Veeqo - Make.Com Integration


I’m have a number of custom automations setup with Make.Com and I’m looking to integrate Veeqo with this. does not natively integrate with Veeqo, but you can create custom apps with any API.

Does anyone here have knowledge of Veeqo and/or Make API to make this happen?

Thank you

Hello @Louisp56,

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Regarding your question, you can check this link API Docs - Veeqo Developers

The Veeqo API gives you everything you need to build the world’s most powerful tools for ecommerce retailers.

You can integrate any external application or service with a retailer’s Veeqo account. This allows you to do just about anything you can do in the Veeqo Web App using the programming language of your choice.

Our API is built using Ruby on Rails and based on RESTful principles, using predictable and explorable URLs, HTTP requests and JSON responses.

I hope this information is valuable for you!