Repost: Veeqo - Make.Com Integration

Re-posting as my last post was closed/locked and had no way to reply…

We are not developers, but looking for developer support…


I’m have a number of custom automations setup with Make.Com and I’m looking to integrate Veeqo with this. does not natively integrate with Veeqo, but you can create custom apps with any API.

Does anyone here have knowledge of Veeqo and/or Make API to make this happen?

Thank you

As you are well aware, does not have any native integrations with Veeqo. However, it does have a module to make HTTP requests which can be used make calls to Veeqo’s API.

Using that module effectively will require some technical acumen. You’ll need to read Veeqo’s API documentation to figure out which calls you need to make, how to authorize them, how to transform the data received, etc. There are videos online that show you how to integrate with an arbitrary API using the HTTP module. I doubt you’ll find any related to Veeqo but they should serve as a good jumping off point. You can also try leveraging AI to generate the code you need (but you might have trouble coming up with good prompts if you don’t come from a technical background).

If all else fails consider hiring an expert.

Hello @Louisp56

What @DimuDesigns said its true we do not posses a direct integration which can be used.

For this we do not posses information from but feel free to take a look into the Veeqo API documentation: