Partner apps and triggers/webhooks


Our company, Penny Black, is looking at building an integration between Veeqo and ourselves. Ideally this would be a public app for the marketplace in future. For ow we’re looking at a single customer use-case.

We need to trigger our service with a simple API call at the moment that an order is opened for packing.

Is this doable with the available developer interfaces? I can see the API which has RESTful endpoints, but no mention of any webhooks or triggers (I see there’s another message on this forum asking something similar).

Since our service is real-time we wouldn’t really be able to poll the API as it will be too slow.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, thanks,

Hi Pete,
I’ve not seen a webhook either, so unfortunately I can’t shed much light on that. However, we recently developed a data connector (based on Meltano / - in theory, it would be viable to sync the data and trigger a webhook integration for each order. Not a rapid approach of course, but thought I’d ping you anyway in case it’s useful.


Thanks Aaron,

Sounds like a good integration! Unfortunately, our use-case is time critical, we need the information to be as close to instant as possible, so I don’t think it’s viable. I appreciate you taking the time to respond though.

For anyone else reading this post and looking for something similar, we’ve spoken with Veeqo directly and they have confirmed that there are no webhooks and no plans for them either.

We’ll be attempting to use a browser extension instead to layer our service on top (hopefully there’s enough information on the page for this to work!)

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