Create custom Veeqo integration

Hey guys, we’ve been using Veeqo for more than a year now, both the Veeqo app and the API to manage our orders, stocks and fulfilment. Over the last year, it became apparent to us that we need some additional “features” within the Veeqo app that we couldn’t get with any of the apps from the marketplace.

So we decided to build our own custom integration that in its core is very simple, calls our API once to fetch for additional order details and another time to store product details back in our backend system.
It’s fairly easy and straightforward to do such a thing but I can’t seem to find a way to create an app/integration/widget within Veeqo that would allow me to write some code.
Creating an app on the marketplace isn’t going well since I can’t get past the initial screen. Error message below

Screenshot 2022-01-05 at 12.40.15

We don’t want to publish this to all Veeqo users but rather use it within our account and selected partners accounts. What is the best approach for doing this, I might be missing something obvious but can’t seem to find any more guidelines in the documentation?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Hi, @luka.matovic!
Welcome to the Veeqo developer forum!

Currently, all apps on the marketplace are only open to the public. You cannot make apps private. I don’t think the marketplace would be suitable for you in this instance because it communicates directly with your API for a specific use-case in relation to your business only.

With regards to your needs with the API, I believe what you’re trying to accomplish is entirely possible and can be done outside of the marketplace.

If you need added functionality from inside the Veeqo UI, then I would advise you develop something like a browser extension that would give you the ability to add in your own features, for your specific use case.

I should note, however, that we make regular updates to our front-end. If you plan to modify any of Veeqo’s existing UI, there’s no guarantee that your extension will be supported, and will need to be regularly updated.

Hope this helps!