Strike Through Pricing - eBay / Veeqo Integration

Hi guys

I am having serious issue with eBay and setting up strike through pricing. eBay has activated the ability to do STP through my order management software on my account - however, Veeqo does not provide this service. Linnworks and Channel Advisor do this - no problem, but I would rather stick with Veeqo if I could.

I have been informed that this feature could be built into the API. I have no developer experience and not sure how simple or complex of a task this is - or where to find a developer who could do this for me. Veeqo have stated that they are not able to recommend a developer.

Does anyone have experience with this issue or able to help?


Hi @lewisavides

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting!

Although this is possible using our API, it’s not a small job and it does not actually impact the way Veeqo itself works. Our API is used for external integrations, meaning, you would require a 3rd party developer (any developer or agency that doesn’t work for Veeqo) to build a completely separate app to look after the pricing.

This application would need to draw and/or push data from both Veeqo and eBay separately.

Firstly, it would need to draw product information out of Veeqo, you or your team would then log into your app to add your strike through prices and then the app would send that information on to eBay using the eBay API.

I can imagine it would be quite a costly and lengthy process for a relatively small gain and therefore it might be better managing your strike through pricing in eBay alone.

I’m happy to chat with you in more detail about this if you’d like or if you would like to proceed I can give you a list of our partners who have built custom integrations in the past or alternatively suggest where you might be able to find a developer.

This is extremely helpful, thank you very much for the response. I understand that it might be a costly and difficult task - but we run an enormous amount of deals on ebay, so this is very important for us to deliver STP for our partners.

It would be brilliant if you could offer the list of your partners and point us in the right direction for finding us a developer.

Thank you very much


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No worries at all.

I will send you an email.