Shipping rate calculation via API

I want to integrate Veeqo with my custom website, I would like to know the shipping rates and taxes for the customer’s entered address before checkout so I can charge the customer accordingly. I want both domestic (US) and international shipping along with appropriate tax charge calculation. Can I achieve the following using API integration? Please let me know which APIs I can use and their usage. Is it possible in the default Veeqo account as I didn’t get the beta access for the shipping API

Hey @darkaster,

Thanks for the inquiry, unfortunately we don’t expose shipping rates for particular addresses via the API at the moment. You could submit a feature request if you would like to see this functionality in future. However, you may be able to use the Delivery methods endpoint to fetch some basic rates.

The Shipping API beta is meant for couriers who want to connect their shipping services with Veeqo, and is not intended for developers looking to build apps/websites with Veeqo.

@fullsam I had the same question as the OP, could you explain how it is expected that the veeqo API will be used?

On my web store customers check out, select a shipping method, and then pay the costs; in my experience that seems like an extremely common and ubiquitous workflow. Without a way to calculate the shipping rates that doesn’t seem possible.

Is there a different process which most of your customers use? I’m considering switching from shipstation, but I don’t see how I could use your system without being able to get the shipping rates for an order before checkout.

We tested veeqo a year ago as potential alternative to shipstation but unfortunately its was nowhere close.

And apparently nothing was done since.

Inability to retrieve shipping cost via API was one of the main reasons why it couldn’t work for us as we need to upload this data to our accounting software automatically.

There are also no API call to retrieve tracking for external software and multiple other issues.

Unfortunately this solution still only sutible for uktra low volume Amazon sellers processing probably couple of shipments a day where manual processing and adjustments are acceptable.

Yeah, very disappointing – ShipStation has such awful support and so many issues that never get resolved that it seems ripe for replacement, but I am baffled how anyone could use this as a serious shipping platform without something so basic as a way to get shipping rates.