FTP integrations,

I was told by a rep, see their comment below to contact you guys here as were needing to submit our shipped order status, to our packers station which is groove packer! and can’t get it done, we need to do this via an FTP integrations
our second issue is, were seeing is ebay order are coming in with sales record number rather than the actual order number can this be be fixed?

These are my two concerns! appreciate the speeduy response Thank you

Hey Marlon, currently Veeqo doesn’t offer FTP integrations, however I believe that there is a workaround for this. I suggest you to add this question on our Developers Forum, where one of our Engineers will help you. Be sure I will help you with this if I can, but this is out of my API knowleadge.


Hello @marlon

In this case please find the answers for the 2 issues:

  1. When it comes to the status, its not possible to update the order status through the API, as the status is changing depending on different factors (methods.). you can find more information on here:
  1. Now for the order numbers from Ebay, please feel free to create a ticket with Support so we can take a look into the issue.

Feel free to let me know if you have further inquiries.