Developer / sandbox account

I followed the link to create a developer account, but this just seems to be a 14 day trial account.

How do I get a developer account that isn’t going to expire? (I tried sending a message to support a couple of days ago but no reply yet)

@46digital Hey,

Right now we send the developer accounts through the same wizard as regular signups. If you contact our developer support though (, or works) to request an extension then they’ll be able to do that.

A few days without a response sounds strange though. Are you able to PM me with the email address of your account and which email you sent the ticket from? I’ll take a look.

Also we’ll try to amend the documentation to make the extension process a bit more clear :slight_smile:

I have sent emails to but not had any response other than the initial autoresponse, will PM details

Can’t see where to PM you, if you check my support request that has ID 62938 you will get the details.