Is there any developer support at the moment?

Not getting any replies to emails or my previous forum request, does developer support exist at the moment?

As dont seem able to get a developer account I keep setting up new 14 day trial accounts, going to run out of email addresses soon.

Hey @46digital,

Firstly please accept my apologies for not responding to your previous post. Turns out my notifications weren’t configured to properly notify me in the case of replies, only PMs/mentions, so I’ve amended that now.

Anyway regarding developer support; it’s still present, but we were experiencing delays on the api-support email due to recent problems with switching over the ticketing system. Any emails should be handled by now though and going forward will receive a response in a more timely manner.

In terms of the developer forum, I’ll be honest: the situation isn’t the best right now and could definitely improve. Currently we only have a small number of internal team members that monitor for new posts, so it may well be the case that we’ll try to allocate some more towards responding to some of the posts, and also see if we can do more to boost contributions and discussions from the wider developer community.

Anyway the forum is currently something we’re looking at, and we hope to put improvements in place in the near future.

If anyone has any issues raised with developer support that still haven’t been resolved yet or some suggestions regarding any of the above, then please feel free to PM me on here or drop me an email on calvin[at] I’ll get back to you right away :slight_smile: