Change order of updated_at when getting shipped orders


Hi there,

Is it possible to give us the oldest orders first – either updated_at or created_at, but ascending instead of descending?



Hey Tawny,

It should be as simple as:

With the crucial bit being the order_direction=desc


Hey Phil,

Hmm I can’t seem to get this to work at all… Not sure what I’m doing wrong?

This is the URL I’m calling:[]=CHANIDHERE&order_by=updated_at&order_direction=asc

All other parameters are working as expected, just not order by or order direction (trying it asc/desc etc)… also trying the call you gave me but still can’t get it to work? I want the ones to appear from October first! :slight_smile:



Hey Tawny,

Nope, I can’t get it to work for me at the moment either. I’ll create a ticket for our engineers to fix.

The alternative way is to specify a date range:[before]=2018-02-01&created[after]=2018-01-01&status=shipped

key bits created%5Bbefore%5D=2018-02-01 and created%5Bafter%5D=2018-01-01