Listing orders starting with oldest

Hi there,

The script I am working on will only need orders for a period after a created_at_min time. However as the created_at_min response starts with the most recent first, it would take a while to find the orders I actually require (would be 1000’s of orders to pass first).

So far the only somewhat practical solution I could come up with was finding the last page with a lot of get requests.

Is there a more efficient way around this problem?



Hi Jasper,

I’m afraid that there isn’t a way to sort the orders response in reverse chronological order so at the moment the best method is to get to the last page and work backwards from there.

Sorry there isn’t a cleaner a way to do this at this time


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Hi Calum,

That is not a problem, turns out using the created[before]/created[after] combination works to get the orders I needed.