Default orders sorting criteria on orders endpoint


Hello there,

Do you please tell me what is default sorting criteria of orders ?

Note: Like which order obtained on top when making GET request to orders endpoint. As per my understanding, it is order update date. Means recently updated or created order always on top.

What is your default sorting applied on orders. So, I can envision and change my client application.




They should be sorted by updated_at

Let me know if you see any different.

Edit: The default sorting is by created_at


Hey Phil,
Thanks for quick response.

I found that some orders are not according to updated_at and If you provide me your email id then I can send you json response which is pulled from API.



To clarify, the problem appears to be: when an order is updated in the app, its not appearing at the top of the list when your app performs a GET request?


When order is updated in veeqo and it’s not appear top or initial pages…
Like, when order is updated on veeqo. It’s updated_at attributes updates but it’s not found in initial pages while making request to orders endpoint.


It looks like orders in awaiting_fulfillment are sorted by created_at not updated_at


Do you please fix this soon?


this is unlikely to be changed at all soon. You can get the most recently updated orders by using the &updated_at_min=2016-03-01%2011%3A10%3A01 parameter in the request, to look for orders updated today.

What is the purpose of your application? How important is it that orders are sorted by updated_at?


I tried that updated_at_min but it’s seem not working. I build that for my client.


not working how?

what is the application designed to? I’m wondering if there is a work around we can find.


Basically, application looking for new orders or orders update and it will use veeqo data for different purpose. One of major requirement is generating shipping label. When order is packed then we need to detect and generate label.


How many orders are regularly in awaiting_fulfillment for this customer?

Could it be simpler to get all orders in awaiting_fulfillment and then just look for the ones that have "picked_completely":true


I guess they don’t have too many.

I believe, It’ll be working for current situation.


Hey Phil,

I want to get latest orders data and it’ll be irrespective of an order status. How can I achieve this?


Would that not just be polling /orders with a GET request?