How can I get order created at certain date through API?

Hi, I am trying to extract all of the orders history, I used created_at_min as parameter and changed it to ‘2021-06-01’,however the order is returned from API is current order at ‘2021-09-06’.

Screenshot 2021-09-07 145917
I just get orders created at 2021-09-07

How can I get an order created at a certain date?

Hi, @jordan.
You cannot search for a single order by a specific date.

The attributes “created_at_min” and “updated_at_min” will return all orders after the specified date and time (this also returns a max amount of records as specified by the “page_size” attribute, which by default is 10)

The attributes you have defined would return all orders that were created and updated between 2021-06-01 11:10:01 and the current date.

Hope this helps!