Country field not always being set to GB when United Kingdom is selected - Stream / Veeqo Integration

Hello, Im currently looking at an integration between Veeqo and our company StreamTech for one of our shared customers. When pulling through the orders created in Veeqo it seems some of the customers in their Veeqo account have the country set to ‘United Kingdom’ whereas some are coming through as ‘GB’. For our integration to work we need the country to come through as ‘GB’ which is how it works for our other customers who use this integration. I spoke to someone on your support line who said he couldn’t see any differences between the customers which were coming through as ‘United Kingdom’ and the ones coming through as ‘GB’ since both of them had United Kingdom selected from the dropdown. Is there any reason the country field is coming through differently for customers when both have United Kingdom selected? We would expect this to always be set to GB when coming through to our system.

Many thanks,

Hi, @gracenixon.
To investigate these discrepancies, Can you provide an example?

I would need the ID’s of the customers you’re having this issue with. I assume you’re talking about the country field in the response from the /customers/ endpoint?

If there are discrepancies on the data we are sending then I’d need to look into why that is the case.