Creating and Filtering based on Customer Type

We are planning to use to Veeqo for handling our Shopify and Amazon orders with the built in connectors.

We also have a B2B side of the business we plan on running in Odoo. Customers/Addresses/Orders will be managed by a custom module we will be writing to talk to Veeqo.

To this end I have a few questions about customers:

Given that every Amazon etc order creates a customer record (for ease of having the delivery address I guess)… There are a lot of customer records.

When POSTing a new customer into Veeqo although not in the official documentation I gather I can add
“customer_type”: “business” to the customer record and it will be marked as a Wholesale customer.

When pulling the customer details the filtering options seem very limited. The only filtering option seems to be a free text search.

Is there an undocumented but working way of either

  1. Filtering with either create_at_min, updated_at_min etc?
  2. Filtering just customer_type: Business/Wholesale?

Thanks in advance.


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Hey @DanHalpin,
Yes, you can filter by customer type by appending customer_type=business or customer_type=retail to the end of the URL.
You can also make use of the created_at_min and updated_at_min parameters in the same way that you would when targeting the orders endpoint.

Thanks Fullsam…

That solution worked perfectly… (The updated_at_min parameter seems to be a little funky… but customer_type filter solves my issue totally).

Given that I didn’t find this filter in the official documentation, is this recorded anywhere?

No problem @DanHalpin. At the moment, this behaviour isn’t documented, but we are looking into ways that we can improve our API docs.