Documentation Development

I’m going to be gradually updating our documentation over the coming weeks and months. As you can imagine, its not a little project so it make take me a little while to get it perfect but it will get there!

If there is anything you want want to see specifically, then let me know below and I’ll try and prioritise that.

I’m also going to use this thread to post any updates as they happen. You can also see the log of any commits on the GitHub

Added JSON responses to /orders and /orders/ID.
Order Notes has been merged into Orders.
Small updates to Orders and Customers.
ReadMe updated for the GitHub.

There’s been a pretty big update to the documentation for the “/orders” end point today.

It’s not finished yet and I’ve pushed it live sooner than I normally would at the request of Sapient so it hasn’t had the usual thorough testing and review that updates normally get.

I will hopefully update it again tomorrow.

If you read this and then spot anything please drop a reply below and I’ll make sure it gets corrected!

Updated Orders documentation again.

/orders/:id has been updated to with usage examples.

Also small update to channels.

Updated Products Documentation

/products and /products/:id now have full responses.

Are there any thoughts on the styling of the responses for these vs the styling of the response for Create New Product?

There’s been a few back end updates to the API docs lately. If anyone actually looks at the source on GitHub then many of the JSON requests and responses have begun making their way into their own files. The main reason for this is it makes maintaining the documentation loads easier!

The other notable change of late is that some of the more useful response headers have been documented. If you want to know the total number of orders that have been returned (before the pagination kicks in) then you just have to look at the X-Total-Count response header. All now in the docs as well.

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Hello, Phil

Just saw you have one extra undocumented feature:

Assign tag to order.

That would be great, if you describe it in your documentation:




order_ids: [order_ids], tag_ids: [tag_ids]

/bulk_tagging end point is now in the documentation.

I’ve also added a section about GET requests to the /stock_entries end point and updated various bits of /allocations

Let me know if you find any bugs, or if you want anything else adding! Thanks!

I’ve just updated the /orders endpoint with a couple of corrections including the addition of number
The order number field is normally used to store the ID of the order from the channel.

Couple of big updates to the documentation for /orders endpoint.
Order response has been updated and more importantly there are 4 new examples of the create order POST request.
The attributes are a bit behind the examples now but the examples should help answer a lot of common queries. Check it out and let me know if you have any more queries or spot any mistakes:

We’ve just added notes to the customer object. You can now store a short string with extra information about the customer.

Customer POST request can now look like:

  "customer": {
    "email": "",
    "phone": "01792 720740",
    "mobile": "07329023903",
    "notes": "This person buys things",
    "billing_address_attributes": {
      "first_name": "Phil",
      "last_name": "Reynolds",
      "company": "Veeqo Ltd",
      "address1": "Tech Hub",
      "address2": "221 High Street",
      "city": "Swansea",
      "country": "GB",
      "zip": "SA1 1NW"

View the docs here.

Updated the introduction of the Docs today to hopefully make it a bit more helpful for first time users.

Also updated the /channels end point with better responses.