Multiple allocation created for single order item issue


I encountered something really interesting that:

  • With User interface:- I can only allocate order item once.

  • With API: I can allocate order item more than once.

Please check and do let me know What to do?


I think that may be there is some kind of validation for allocated item quantity which help to prevent this issue?



There is no validation on this end point, this should be done on your side.

The reason behind it is that the /allocations endpoint allows you to create forced allocations so this is by design.
You should only make one request if you only want one allocation.


But what about quantity?

  • If order have two item A and B with respective quantity 2 and 3.
    Order #123
    Item A * 2
    Item B * 3

Then system can do allocation more than this quantity?

Allocation 1: A * 2
Allocation 2: A * 2 and B * 3

Overall item allocated:

4 items for A
3 items for B


Yes. If you want to do this via the API then you can force the extra allocations.


So, I need to apply validation for quantity at my end.
There is no validation for quantity on veeqo API side. we can force create allocation more than order item quantity?


Yes, as per my earlier message. Validation should be done on your side.

That is correct. This is by design.


Thanks Phil,

I’ll apply validation at my end but I was thinking that It must be at your end.
No problem. I’ll fix my code.


We have a feature request that will allow you to enable validation should you require it however it is not on our imminent schedule.


Yes, I think it’s good to have that validation in place but I’ll apply at my end to make it’s not happen again.


When I remove their second allocation then they move from Ready to ship to waiting for stock?


What are the total allocation values that remain?