Pushing shipment price and deleting orders

Hello again :slight_smile:

I’m trying to set up shipment price, but I can’t find that field in your documentation.
Please, can you give me a short example.

And I tried to use ruby gem by COAX, and I figured out, that I can’t really destroy an order that is on Veeqo.
It just returns 0.
Also I tried to use your on-site console, but I get 404 error with my x_api_key.

Thanx a lot

Shipment price is set in the Delivery Method. I’ve just updated the delivery_method API docs with a bit more info on the requests and responses.

When you specify the delivery_method_id upon order creation it will take the cost from the delivery method.

Deleting an order should be straight forward.

Have you tested that everything is working using CURL or something like postman/restlet?

With shipping price now everything is clear)
About deleting, give me a second, thanx :slight_smile:

Done a screenshot, seems it is server issue

That looks like the order with that has already been deleted. Can you test a GET request to the same end point?

I’ve been really stupid here!
Deleting orders is not supported in Veeqo which is why you were getting the 404 error.

You can cancel orders which would be done though a PUT request to update the order.

I’ve updated our API Docs to remove the DELETE method from the /orders end point.

Sorry about the confusion.

Ok, thanx a lot
But I have an Issue, I need to delete all orders from one store, because they were uploaded in wrong way. Can I remove them completely?
And one more question.
Can I set a custom name for orders?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

You can only cancel I’m afraid. Then you can re-create in the correct way.

What do you mean by custom name?

Like change order name from p-10234567 to "Custom"
Is this possible

yes you can

PUT request to the order with the body: { “number”: “Custom” }

I’m heading home shortly but will be available for more queries tomorrow morning.