Retrieve Shipping Weight and Cost

Dear Veeqo Support,

I used order API to retrieve order detail and want to look into response json data to retrieve actual shipping weight and cost of the shipment for that given order.

I had 2 concerns as below:

(1) Checking more detail of order response, I found many fields called ‘weight’ under ‘allocations

Here is example data with weight for one allocation element of ‘allocations’ (there’s only one allocation element for the sample order):

Can you please point me out which is the exact field for shipping weight?

(2) Additionally, where can I find shipping cost for an order? I found some fields like delivery_cost or delivery_method.cost directly under order detail but they made me confused



Please advise.

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Hello @khanhbe,

I hope you are having a nice day! Please find the answers below for both of your questions.

  1. The attribute you are looking for is the weight under the shipment object, for the example you shared on the screenshots it would be “22.6796185”, this is the total weight of the shipment.

Just for you reference, the weight under the “allocation_package” object, is the weight you entered on the orders page for the dimensions of the product in order to get the shipping rates of each service.

  1. By targeting the GET /orders method, you can see the label cost in the outbound_label_charges field contained within the shipment object of an order’s allocation. outbound_label_charges contains two attributes: unit, which contains the currency code, and value, the label’s cost. For example:
  "allocations": [
      "shipment": {
        "outbound_label_charges": {
          "unit": "USD",
          "value": 4.43,

For more information, refer to the Veeqo API docs


Thank you so much for your very clear explanation, @sebvargs

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More than glad to help! @khanhbe .

I’ll proceed and close this thread, have a nice day!