Shipment weight unit

Hi @sebvargs and Veeqo Support,

This is related to the ticket #972 which has just been closed.

Another thing need your clarification: Can you confirm what is the unit for ‘weight’ under allocations.shipment (as I don’t see unit directly under shipment node)?

I am curious why outbound_label_charges.value for weight=1224 is not so higher than weight=22 or 45



Hi Veeqo Support,

Can you help look into this concern and advise?


Hello @khanhbe ,

I do apologize for late response.

Regarding your questions, the unit for ‘weight’ under allocations.shipment is ounces (oz) and the reason why you might see some differences on the label charges is because veeqo not only takes into consideration the weight but also the dimensions of the package.

Thanks @sebvargs for the information.