Shipments post on SKU level

sending a shipments message with tracking code for an order that was only partially fulfilled…how do we send the details on SKU level (not on complete order level)?

as the shipments post has allocation_id/ order_id all on order level and the track and trace code. where to specify if specific SKUs were not send? (so order only partially fulfilled?)

Hi @cbensch

If an order is partially fulfilled, it will mean that different line items have different allocations. These allocations are listed in the order body, and each allocation will include a list of the line items allocated to that allocation. Within that will be included details of each sellable, including the SKU code.

Therefore if you allocate 1 out of 2 sellables, the allocation inside the order body will only include the details of the 1 SKU that is allocated, therefore allowing you to identify which sellable was included in which allocation, and as such which sellables were shipped or not (based on the status of these allocations).

I hope that helps,

thanks Sam, indeed helps.