Swagger/API Schema

Hi all,

I have been searching around so thought I would ask here.

Is there a Swagger yaml/json file that describes the API as it stands?
I’m looking to generate a client library to use with an integration.

Thanks in advance!

  • Dan

Not in its entirety. There are JSON schema documentation available for some API request and response payloads in their Github repo for Veeqo’s API (under the resources folder), but it seems to be outdated and not actively maintained.

Hi, @Dan!
I’m relatively new to Swagger, however, I’ve started documentation on the Veeqo API. You can view my progress on it here.

So far, I have not had the time to fully describe the response bodies and headers. The definitions are a work in progress and I plan to document the full schema, however, this will take a long time as the API is quite large.

Currently, the documentation has been generated with the help of apib2swagger, from which I’ve had to clean up and make fully compatible with Swagger which took a very long time, but now I’m at the stage of adding the above missing elements such as full definitions for all endpoints.

I’ll update this thread when that is done.

Hope this helps in the meantime.

Hi @Kristien

Thanks for the update!

I’ll check in again once the schema is ready, looking good so far.