Updating Picked Quantity

When we view an order via the API using a GET request e.g.


We can see there is a picked quantity at zero for one of our items

“quantity”: 1,
“picked_quantity”: 0,

However, if we attempt to update the picked_quantity using a PUT request sent to


“warehouse_id”: ,
“line_items_attributes”: [
“sellable_id”: <sellable_id>,
“picked_quantity”: 1

We receive a 200 response and the allocation line as JSON but the picked_quantity (or any other value we try) is not updated.

Is this an API bug or is it permissions related?

Hello there,
I hope this finds you well.

I’m Tino, one of the support engineers at Veeqo.

What you are trying to do is currently not fully supported.

Our API documentation specifies the following for operations related to allocations:

Resources related to the allocations in the API. This allocates a set stock item to a specific order. To allocate stock to an order, the item must be added as a line item within that order and not be allocated already.

I can confirm that POST and DELETE requests for allocations work as expected.

I can also confirm that PUT requests are not fully functional at the moment, which would explain the 200 responses.

If you require further assistance with this, you can raise a feature improvement request by following this guide - [ Feature Requests | Veeqo Help Center ]

Thanks Tino, when will they be functional?

No problem at all.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any sort of timeline for this at the moment.

@Tino so order updates aren’t working but they just return a 200? For example, I’d like to update the quantity of a line item already present.