Veeqo API Rate Limit

Hey All,

This is really important. We are going to be implementing a rate limiter in the Veeqo API.

There have been some instances of extremely high, and increasing trends of API usage recently which is having a performance impact on the entire Veeqo Application.

Due to the severity of this performance impact we are going to aim to implement this next week.

The proposed limit is 200 requests per 15 minutes for each account.

This not going to affect 90% of API Users, however there are some accounts that are going to be severely affected by this.

I will follow up on this post when we know the exact nature that the rate limiter is going to take.

Hey Everyone,

Just an update on the rate limiter.
We are going to be implementing a Leaky Bucket style limiter. The plan is to have a bucket size of 200 with a leak rate of 15/minute.

Shopify have a good article as to why they chose to implement this style of limiter.

If you absolutely need to exceed this limit, the cost of doing so would be £1000 per month.

Hey Everyone,

Just an update. As a few developers have been struggling to deploy fixes before we switched the rate limiter on, we’ve made the decision to delay deploying the limiter until next week.

We now plan to deploy the limiter on Thursday 16th August. I’ll update if anything changes.

Hey folks,

Just an update: there has been another change to the deadline for the deployment of the rate limiter. We’re working to ensure that it’s all running smoothly and performing various tests before the release, therefore we’re still working to confirm the date for this.

If your app still exceeds the proposed rate limits then you’ll be fine, it will function normally and we’ll inform you well in advance like we previously have done before we deploy the proposed limits.

If you have any questions then be sure to let us know.

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API limits are live