Query regarding rate limiter

I’ve query regarding rate limiter:
Suppose, we have register multiple employee ( 5 employee ) in veeqo ( for company xyz )

  • This rate limiter applicable to individual account? ( for each employee account API request rate limit is 200 )
  • This rate limiter applicable to company irrespective of employee account ( sum of API request made from all employee account is 200 )

Do you sending any parameter in response or header?
So, we can check how many call available in the slot.

Hey Sunny,

The rate limits are imposed on a per API key basis (or single token if you’re using OAuth) so this means it’s applicable to each individual account.

As for checking remaining calls, we do not currently have any plans to expose how many are left in the response headers however I can see that will be very useful for devs to base their requests around. I’ll see if we can introduce this on release.

Also it’s worth noting, I’ve posted an update on changes to the introduction date of the API rate limits here.

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Hey Calvin
Thanks for your response. It’s really helpful to understand how rate limit applicable.