You do not have permission to access this feature


We are authenticating users in Veeqo using the OAuth method and storing the generated access tokens.

The tokens are valid, we currently can do things like create new products, but the API is blocking us from doing other stuff like creating new customers.

When we try to create a new customer, using the Bearer token (and without the x-api-key in headers), we get a permission error message which is a bit frustrating and we can’t find information about it.

    "error_messages": [
        "You do not have permission to access this feature."

Is there a way to grant more privileges or expand the scope for authenticated users?

We’d appreciate a lot if you can help with this issue.


Hey @lipob,
Thanks for the enquiry. This error means the user or company you are logged in as does not have access to the feature on Veeqo; in this case, the ability to manage customers.
After looking at your Veeqo account I can confirm that your company doesn’t have the permissions to manage customers. You should be able to fix the issue by turning on power features, which you can do from the inventory page.

Hey Samuel. That worked. Thank you very much!