Add printers client side (On premise)

Afternoon All,

Looking for some information on how you would relate a printer to a distribution center?

In application sense, A client would sign up to veeqo, purchase a printer and then would need to add the printer to the Veeqo Web App.

I suspect an on-prem app would need to be installed to receive print request?


Hi RetainMeDevs,

Veeqo uses something called V-print to set printers up with the account.

Simply download the app onto the computer which is connected to the printer and you can then set it to auto print labels, invoices etc in app

Here’s a handy help guide with some more information!


Hi Sam,

Thank you very much for the reply… I did manage to find the V-Print app and works extremely well. It appears to scan the network and upload/insert available devices to the veeqo web app.

I’ve also come to the conclusion with further investigation that veeqo uses PrintNode for remote/cloud based printing.

If I may ask, is there any concept of printing files locally?

In the scenario of:

1, Extract order from Veeqo
2, Compose a document using the order data
3, Send the document to client machine
4, Use veeqo to print but not from a cloud document but rather from a local repository on the client machine?

Step 4 implies, that the composed document would need the same filename when printing from veeqo. So, send veeqo print request > detect file locally > and print.

I’m close to finishing our spec but printing is still a little grey.

Alternative solution:

Detect when an order has been marked as shipped (poll service), send a print request to our own printing functionality.

Stay Safe,