Veeqo API access to reporting Data points for generating Daily reports

Hi Team,

I have two questions with resect to Veeqo API Access and building them in order to customize the steps.

  1. I would like to get the daily sales report emailed to my outlook automatically. So, is there a way that we could build API and Integrate with application at the Veeqo sales report, so that the CSV file of report is auto downloded and sent to the specific account.

  2. Also, I need the process of shipping the orders automated with fewer steps, So is it possible to call an external API into the veeqo Application and power automate for the quick and efficient of creating shipment order instead of following 4 - 5 steps.

Hi Aisha,

Thanks for the questions:

  1. Unfortunately our reporting is not accessible through the API, however depending on what kind of information you specifically require, the majority of the data available in the report is easily accessible via the order endpoints, and as such a custom report could easily be created on your side to extract the information and automate the sending of an email.

  2. You can easily create shipments via the API as shown here in the developer docs: API Docs - Veeqo Developers
    Currently the API does not support webhooks, however you could potentially set up a cron job to detect new orders each time period and create shipments for new ones not currently shipped.

Depending on what carrier you wish to use, we also have a shipping API available that you can learn about here: