Marketplace app development

Hi All,

We’re looking to build a Marketplace app, and before any development begins we’d like to understand whether can achieve our ambitions.

The Flow::

1, Intercept an order as it lands in veeqo (polling)
2, Compose a document our end
3, Send the document to the client machine (our software)
4, Print the document upon clicking “Ship” on the “Ready to ship” page


1, Create a “fake” template (invoice) that would be assigned to a printer that we distribute to the client.
2, Run an automation, that detects the template, which in turn is assigned to a printer
3, Upon clicking the “ship” button from “ready to ship” page, run logic to pass data to our own Api.

A few grey areas, that would really help us understand the scope and whether such functionality is feasible:

Is it possible to poll, or understand whether the ship button has been clicked? I assume this inserts data in a db via the Api?.

The only reason for a template is to allow running print automation’s, Is my assumption correct?

After reading through the documentation, it states that the veeqo app was built on the Api, so therefor, is not monolithic thus allowing us to build similar functionality. I’ve also read there is no event driven functionality? I.E Webhooks?

Thank you for your time.


Can anyone help with this?



Steps 1-3 seem fine.

Step 4 - Our API will not tell you when someone has clicked the “Ship” button in Veeqo. But you could check that order ID to see if its status has changed from “Ready to ship” to “Shipped” and use that to trigger something in your app. You would need to do this by polling as we do not have web hooks yet.


Hi Matt,

Thank you very much for the reply, I’m currently creating a job/functional spec for the build.

I suspect, with your answer and our “flow” listed above, the build is perfectly achievable?