The Veeqo Marketplace is Live!

The Veeqo Marketplace is Live!
You can go to Veeqo Marketplace right now and create your app listing.

The marketplace is still in development, to consider it a beta would be stretch at the moment. We’re working hard to implement lots of improvements and fix lots of bugs. I would go into more details about everything we have on our roadmap for the next month but there are little changes coming to pretty much every section of the marketplace. I’ll write another post when we have finished this phase of development, hopefully any bugs you spot now will be fixed by then!

I do want to mention a few things that are in the pipeline. Payments, Beta Apps and Install Instructions.

In the next week or two we are going to be updating quite a few things relating to the information on you as a developer and your apps. You’ll soon be able to select what sort of payment you offer for your app, whether it’s monthly, one off, or a combination of both. We’re also going to be adding two new sections to the app information. You’ll be able to check a box to indicate that you’re app is in beta and will be required to include some instructions about how a user goes about getting your app.

Having beta apps allows you to list your app on the marketplace while you’re still working on it. This is really important as it will allow you to gain interested customers and use them for beta testing of the integration with Veeqo. However, you will not be able to charge for your app until development has been completed.

We want to make the process of using a new app as simple as possible for our users. This is why we’re going to be insisting on the inclusion of instructions on how to get each app. These need to talk a user through the steps that will happen before they can start using the app. It can’t be just “Contact Us to get the app”. It needs to be more along the lines of; “Contact the team to get the app by completing the form on the linked page. Once we have your details we’ll be in touch to talk to you about your requirements and start the process of getting you set up with our app”.

On the topic of payments for apps: In the near future we will be able to take payments for apps, but at the moment you’ll need to take any payments on your own system.

One quick FAQ. The Developer Dashboard is not live at the moment, all the information is fabricated as an example of what it might look like in the end.

I’ll throw another post up soon once some more changes are live. In the meantime comment below to let me know what you think and if you have any questions!