Business Central Integration


Our business is currently running all financial reporting via Microsoft’s Business Central solution and so it is imperative that we connect to Veeqo via the API integration.

Does anyone have experience or can offer some advice on such a development project?

Thanks in advance.

We are wrapping up a complex integration consisting of a bidirectional sync between 3 platforms and over 100 warehouses. Our project did not include MBC, but we developed a portable microservices library because we needed to integrate with multiple platforms. In the process, we really learned the ins and outs of the Veeqo API. For example, Veeqo does not have any sort of batch endpoint and they throttle the API … so we set up a manager that juggled multiple keys to get around this limit; otherwise it was impossible to keep up with the volume of orders we needed to sync. There are also differences with their data model we had to account for when syncing between multiple platforms, so we created a sort of intermediary format for “compressed” order states. I don’t know what sort of specifics you might face with MBC, but I am happy to discuss your project if you like. Feel free to send me a message with your requirements.