Using Power Bi to query tables

I’m not a developer! I think the reports in Veeqo are so limited.

Is there a way to query the tables, maybe via SQL Studio or Microsoft Power Bi?

You should check out Meltano and try using the open-source connector we built for Veeqo with it: tap-veeqo. You can definitely run a sync from tap-veeqo to some database (most major ones are supported by Meltano) and have Power BI query the resulting table. :slight_smile:

Happy to chat in our Slack if you want! :sunglasses:

Hey @CAVH!

My name is Cameron, I’m one of the support engineers here at Veeqo.

SQL Studio and Power BI are tools for querying data that you’ve got access to locally (with some exceptions).

You’ll first need to export the data from Veeqo using our Web API which you can find documentation for here, by building some kind of connector/bridge.

There are some pre-existing connectors that have been built by members of the community if you’re not a developer or don’t have access to one but I wouldn’t be able to advise on specifics.

Once you’ve done that and stored the data in some kind of data store that can be accessed by one of the tools you mentioned you can query it freely.

Let me know if you have further queries

Thanks @caltenk. I’ll follow up.

@caltenk I’ve successfully connected to Veeqo with Microsoft Power Bi using the Orders API, which I’m very happy about. It’s only taken me months of trying!

I’m looking for a field via the API that I simply cannot find: quantity_shipped I know it exists as it’s on a report that I run.

Any guidance on where I can find it?


Hey @CAVH, glad to hear that

Can I ask what you’re looking to see with that field, is it the quantity of a line item on an order that have been shipped?
If so, I’m not sure if it’s something that’s exposed via the API but I can check

@caltenk Yes, that’s exactly it. I might expand an order where there are 2 line items - products A & B. Let’s say the customer orders 2 x A and 1 x B and we’re able to ship it in part: 1 x A and 1 x B, with 1 x A still o/s.

Quantity ordered less qty shipped = qty not yet shipped at a given point when the report is run.


Hey @CAVH, sorry for the delay in my response

From my knowledge and understanding of the desired outcome, returning this information is possible but unfortunately not trivial since we don’t expose a shipped_quantity field against line_items on an order.

However it is possible to check whether an allocation against an order is shipped or not by using the shipped attribute and checking if it is null or not.
Using this, you could query the allocations for an order, check if they’re shipped or not, and then look at the line_items in that allocation.

Hopefully this makes sense