How to retrieve product Properties in API call?

Hi, we are in situation where we want to add each product into Store in veeqo. So I think only possible way is to use Product properties as Stores can be selected only while creating Orders.
Now we want to retrieve that property from API Call but in the output there is no such thing.

This has been filled -

But api call - does not have anything within the output

            "variant_option_specifics": [],
            "variant_property_specifics": [],

are empty.
What can I do to retrieve that Option name and Option value?

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we have the same problem. Looks like a bug to me.
We would use custom properties for filtering.

Any chance you could look into it?



“variant_option_specifics” and “variant_property_specifics” are used for product variant details and not the products properties. Currently, the API does not support the retrieval of product properties.

Here is example data for what should be expected:

Screenshot 2021-08-19 at 10.37.50 am

This is information was retrieved from a product with a red variant of a T-Shirt.
Hope this helps.

Hi @Kristien ,

thanks for your reply! Understood.
Are you planning to support it at some point?

My idea was to use those custom property to filter product that should have been displayed on the website.


We have no plans at the moment for giving access to product properties in the API but we have now noted that a few people would like this.

Another suggestion would be to use product tags for filtering, you can add tags in the UI through product page


I’ve been given some further information on this from @matt that will help you.

You can find product-specific properties using the following endpoint:{product_id}/product_property_specifics

This will return the following:


Please note that this is not officially supported and may change in the future.
Hope this helps!

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Thanks!! This is perfect!
If I may, it would be great to have an API version so if you make a change the integrations will not break out of the blue and give us time to update our code to reflect the changes!

Hi, @Nick & @marhyno.
We’ve updated the API docs to include product properties, including the retrieval, updating and removal of properties.

You can now find this here.

Awesome! Thanks @Kristien !!