Pulling IOSS number at parcel level

Hi, apologies if this is the wrong category,

We are pulling orders from Veeqo to our platform, and have been for a number of years, as of recently we have found issues with the api not being able to provide IOSS numbers at parcel level, only available at warehouse level, this does not work functionally for us or for the veeqo users as this will mean a complete change in the way their veeqo is set up.

We need a way in which to pull the IOSS number at parcel level and to be provided at parcel level, for our mutual customers benefit.

Hi @Mounir, thanks for your inquiry. May I ask how you were pulling the IOSS numbers prior to this issue? To my knowledge we’ve only provided IOSS numbers at a warehouse level.

Hi Fullsam,

originally we were not pulling the IOSS numbers on your end as we would have this stored on our end, the issue arises when the shipper is using multiple platforms to sell on E.G. amazon and their own website, it isnt possible for us to differentiate between the two parcels which IOSS number to use, the customers need to be able to have IOSS at shipment level in order for us to pull this.

We have offered up the option of setting up warehouses for each of these platforms but this is causing issues for customers with regards to stock levels etc when they are shipping out of one warehouse.

Thanks for the update Mounir. You would need to submit a feature request if you wanted to see IOSS numbers via the API on a shipment level.
In the meantime it may be worth looking at the employee notes feature as a potential workaround, as you can read employee notes via the API when fetching an order.