Shipping API identifiers and questions


we’re not able to find sufficient information on providing a Shipping API app that would connect a 3rd Party Carrier.

  • after a Shipping App is installed by a merchant from the Marketplace, is there a way to add information necessary for the 3rd party shipping APIs to identify a user, for example: an API Key
  • When the Shipping API does a request to our endpoint, it delivers only the APP_TOKEN in the header. This token is a general token and doesn’t allow to identify the requesting user. If the 3rd party carrier allows for example account based rates, e.g. user A gets 20% discount on every lable, but user B not, how should we distinguish from which user the createLabel request is coming?
  • Is there a workflow/process diagram which explains how an app is installed by a merchant (the flow), and if it’s possible to request data from the merchant during the installation procedure, for example: ioss, api key, default phone number, default address that is relevant for shipping operations.

I’m looking forward for any support or hints to the proper resources.

Best regards