When I create an order I don't see it on my orders view


When I call the orders end point passing in the relevant details, I get a 201 (created) response - but I don’t see the order listed in the Orders screen in the app…what am I missing? :slight_smile:


Hey TJ

This might be the case that you’re using the point_of_sale sales channel.

All new Veeqo accounts have two sales channels by default: point_of_sale and direct. They act quite differently.
The POS acts as though a customer has walked into a store and purchased an item, then walked out of the store. There is no need to Pick > Pack > Ship that product to the order goes straight into shipped.
Direct is as if you were taking a telephone order, and if there is stock of the item it will act as expected by going into ready_to_ship

Let me know if changing the channel you’re testing on to direct helps!


Hi Phil,
Thanks for the quick response!
I changed the channel as suggested and, yes, that’s what it was!

Many thanks!