Adding {"due_date":} to WooCommerce bridge.php

Our WooCommerce store uses the [Order Delivery for WooCommerce] plugin to allow customer to select a dispatch date.

Veeqo does not currently pull due_date in it’s WooCommerce integration, but does for eBay / Amazon. This means we are unable to filter by Due Date and all orders are being considered as Ready to Ship today.

In the Veeqo API you can POST the JSON value “due_date”: “01/01/2001”.

Is it possible to update the bridge.php Veeqo + Woo integration file to pass this custom field, so that the Due Date filters will work?

I’m thinking that when Veeqo pulls our orders from Woo, this field is returning as null, but that maybe we can update the bridge to provide this attribute?

Your help would be greatly appreciated. My programming skills are basic but we have developers on hand :slight_smile:

Note: we can add due_date to the database for each order, it would just be a case of making sure the bridge.php file passes this information and is used by Veeqo for filtering.

Dispatch date would also be very useful. After spending a lot of time setting up Veeqo we will be unable to use it without working out a way of knowing which orders are due to ship today / be delivered tomorrow.

Hey @kdprodograw,
Unfortunately this would not be possible via just editing the bridge.php file because it would require changes in Veeqo to map the new Due Date field in WooCommerce to the Veeqo product. However you could submit a feature request if you would like.

Hey @fullsam, thank you for your reply!

Do you see any other way we can resolve this? We have spent the last month planning, setting up and running trials, only to realise that these critical filters don’t work with Woo. I’m afraid waiting for a feature update would mean our work would be lost as we look for other software