Additional Details from Shopify

Hey All

In Shopify we let users pick the date they would like to receive their orders as they contain fresh ingredients. When an order is created we can see the delivery date in the additional information section.

When the order is pulled through to Veeqo we see the Customers Notes pull through but we don’t see any of the additional information, which includes the important due date.

Any idea how we map these fields? what’s going on here?


Hey @Joseph!

Thanks for your query. Just to confirm, it looks like you’re enquiring about or built-in Shopify integration not one you’ve built yourself, is that correct?

If that’s the case in future I’d recommend raising these queries directly to support team since this forum is more geared towards developer queries in relation to our public API.
You can do this by either accessing the live chat function in your Veeqo account through ‘Help’ in the top right or alternatively by sending an email to

However to answer the question at hand here, unfortunately we don’t yet support pulling additional details such as due dates from Shopify channels, this is currently only supported for Amazon channels.
We’d welcome you to raise this as a feature request, this can either be done by opening a ticket using the method above or submitting it yourself through our Product Roadmap which is accessible through a link at the bottom of your Veeqo account page