Shopify custom cart attributes and delivery instructions


We have created a gift message box as a custom cart attribute in shopify as well as a delivery instructions box by editing the checkout.liquid.

Is there a way to use the Veeqo API to pull both these bits of information to create new order notes (or something else appropriate)? Currently the information is not syncing on its own into Veeqo.

We need this info for the carrier and also to put on various bits of documentation.


Hi Olivia,

Not sure if anyone replied to you previously, if not, apologies!

Unfortunately using our API doesn’t change the way Veeqo itself behaves, our API is used to build external applications that use Veeqo data to complete functions not offered within the platform, for example, we have an integration with Amazon Alexa which uses our API to provide answers to voice commands like “Hey Alexa, tell me how many units I sold today…” but this is accessed through an Alexa extension and doesn’t work from inside Veeqo.

So because you are using custom fields in Shopify and we don’t currently pull in data from those fields in Veeqo you would need to create a external application that would draw that data from Shopify and pass it through to an appropriate field that already exists within Veeqo. I believe then it might defeat the purpose of the exercise because you’ll potentially wind up with one “Notes” field where you wanted 2 very specific fields.

I will check with the team and see if they are planning any updates within Veeqo in regards to custom carts in the future and let you know.

And happy to discuss the above in more detail if needs be.

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your response. I do understand what you’re saying and while frustrating it does make sense.

We would definitely be interested to know if the team are planning anything regarding this in the future.

Do you have any suggestions as to how we could add gift messages and delivery instructions? How do other users send delivery instructions to the carriers?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Olivia

I’ve asked the team to see if they have any suggestions and will get back to you ASAP.


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Hi Olivia

I have spoken to the team, at the moment there is no view to include custom cart attributes in-app.

We do not currently support gift message however, some users utilise the Order Notes for these and there is a view to make gift message a feature in Veeqo but it is not on the roadmap for 2021 currently although this may change.

I’ve also been told that there is a new Shipping screen due Q1/Q2 2021 which will include a section for delivery instructions.

Hope that helps!

Laura :relaxed:

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your reply. We look forward to the future updates and will try to find some sort of work around in the meantime! :pray:t2:


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