Retrieve Product details via UPC Code

Veeqo Mobile Application offers a feature to search product details by UPC, there is no mention of this in the Veeqo Documentation.

Could you please guide on how to search a product detail by its UPC.

Hey @zabih, currently the API doesn’t support search a product detail by its UPC, but you can get all the all the product and then filter them by “upc_code” attribute

Yes, Initially I thought about that @esmadri but the data is huge I would have to get thousands of lines of data on the frontend then filter it accordingly. The filtering would become very sluggish.

Yes that’s true, another possible solution is to have all the products(id and upc_code) stored in your own database(you will have to retrieve all the products data from Veeqo but just once) and then you can get the id based on the upc code from your database and with that id get the product details from Veeqo API, taking in count that every time you create a new product, you will have to also create it on your database